As the time passed, the popular show had entered many houses from different countries and spread a lot of joy and happiness. Although the characters and the story were the same, the title of the sitcom changed according to the country where it was aired. So the show was known also as:


“Friends” Brazil / France / Germany / Italy / Spain
“Prijatelji” Croatia / Slovenia
“Друзья” Russia
“Приятели” Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)
“Across the Hall” USA (working title)
“Amigos” Mexico
“F·R·I·E·N·D·S” USA (alternative spelling)
“Frendit” Finland
“Friends Like These” USA (working title)
“Friends Like Us” USA (working title)
“Haverrim” Israel (Hebrew title)
“Insomnia Café” USA (working title)
“Jóbarátok” Hungary
“Przyjaciele” Poland
“Sõbrad” Estonia
“Six of One” USA (working title)
“Ta filarakia” Greece
“Vänner” Sweden
“Venner” Denmark
“Venner for livet” Norway


In my case, the show entered my life by the name F•R•I•E•N•D•S and, as I got used to it, I can’t think of it with another title. I also think that this alternative is the best. Is that it is so simple and it brings forward the main theme of the show, friendship. If you look at the title more closely, you can see six dots between the letters. I think that these dots symbolize the six characters and the fact that they are the key to this beautiful friendship, they are the glue that keeps this friendship alive just like the dots keep together the letters so that the word “friends” make sense. Also, I think that the line made by the dots represents the connection between the six friends.

The dots are associated with the characters also by color. In the entry of every episode, the show’s cast members pull out multi-colored umbrellas and pop them open. The colors, just like in the title, are yellow, red and blue. Rachell and Ross have red umbrellas which symbolize their passionate come-and-go relationship; the fact that, although they are not always together, their feelings for one another are still the same and they will end up together. Joey and Chandller both have blue ones which symbolize the special bond between the two, the fact that they are best friends. The color is appropriate also because it  is a masculine one. Yellow is a more girly color and it is destined for Phoebe and Monica. The three colors also appear in the last episode as each friend lays down his key to Monica’s apartment.     

 This is what I think the title says about the show. If you have other opinions, I am looking forward to seeing them in the comment boxes.